MasterChef Mammas it's Time to Celebrate!

Masterchef Mammas it's time to celebrate! 

We set out with the best intentions; feed the kids the healthiest food possible, give them lots of good choices, offer a balanced range of foods, research great easy to cook finger foods that hide those greens...yep, all mums deserve the 'Masterchef' winners title for their skills involved when it come to food prep for kids. Mostly they deserve it though, for their amazing ability to impress the harshest, most difficult panel of critics ever - their kids.

Mum's don't beat yourself up when you have to throw all these wonderful plans, great cooking experiences and best intention out the window and just serve up whatever they'll eat to keep them fed, and just as importantly, to maintain some degree of your own sanity. As mums we are often harshest on ourselves about what our kids are eating, but sometimes you just need to stop! Stop judging yourself, stop judging other mums, stop stressing, stop feeling guilty. I recently came across a post of a mum sharing the crazy dinner she had given her daughter. Beneath her post was a flood of other mums sharing their quirky and colourful dinner habits too. It made me smile, laugh a lot, and realise that I'm not alone. Yes, some nights my son requests 'weeties' for dinner, but he gets fed and its ok. He eats healthy most of the time. We sometimes find it easy to let those moments when we think we're being 'bad mums' drag us into a vicious cycle of guilt. Instead let's celebrate the crazy menu that is dinner time with toddlers! (Yes, the following are all real, live dinner experiences! Thank you to all the mum's who shared with me.) 

Masterchef Mum's Dinner Menu:

"Nutella sandwich, hundreds and thousands and grated cheese" 

"Bocconcini balls, dairy cheese pods, spoonfuls of peanut butter, greek yogurt, pumpkin, apple & sweet corn pouch, animal biscuits, strawberries and raspberries"

"Sausages and cheerios"

"Strawberries, yogurt and snow peas" 

"Cheese slices and nespresso baby chino" 

"Custard, rice bubbles and carrot sticks"

"Doughnut, sliced ham, peas and honey sandwich"

"pasta, cheese and sprinkles" 

"broccoli and potato chips" 

What's been a 'winner' at your dinner table? :P 


With all the fantabulous food you want to save yourself the hassle of a crazy mess and constant clothes changes, I've recently discover 'grubeze' ... so plate up those carrot sticks with custard, and let the kids enjoy! 

Laugh, relax and remember... they are loved, fed and safe! You're a fabulous mum!


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