Well, I don't see it that way!

Before I became a mum I'd had quite a lot of experience with children, as a teacher and also as an aunty, but having my own kids...well, that's a whole new experience!!! I read a quote the other day that said something along the lines of, I've had enough of sleep-ins, doing my own thing, and living in a clean house, it's time to have kids! I laugh a lot  at things now that the non-mum version of me would never have found funny. (Having said that, sleep deprivation makes me laugh, or cry, at most things these days!!!)  

As a young adult I sponsored a child in Africa and thought I was very much aware of how much of a struggle life must be for some children over there. When I traveled there some years ago, what I thought I knew, wow, it was given a whole new meaning. Definitely an eye opener! 

Right now there are a lot of different things popping up in my news feed: Footy Finals, marriage debates, parenting styles, choice of holiday destinations, business must do's, world politics, latest fashion, opinions and views on every topic you can possibly imagine. Sometimes we think we know something, only to discover it's so very different. Sometimes we forget to even stop and see things from a different point of view. 

I know I'm constantly stopping to check myself and think about how my kids see the world, especially if they are grumpy or having a 'moment'. It's so easy to jump to the conclusion they're just being 'naughty', when really if we see it from where they are, all of a sudden it makes more sense and the solution is sometimes easier that were realise. The other day my son began a sentence with, "Do you know in my world, mum...". The rest of this discussion, which I won't recount in detail now, gave me an idea!


This week I'm embracing a little 'see things from a different point of view' craft challenge. Five simple, five minute craft activities, over five days that will prompt conversation with you and your children to look and see things in a different way. 

If you'd like to come join in the fun .... sign up here. Do one, do them all! Just a little bit of fun that hopefully will help us think outside the box, stop and see the world a little differently or just give us some quality time with our kids having a bit of craziness and fun! 

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