About Us

The Fox Box 

crafty adventures for kids!

"THE FOX BOX art lesson & subscription packs aim to inspire children to see beauty in themselves and the world around them, encourage them to use their imagination through creative art & craft activities and equip them with skills to produce high quality artworks.”

  If you want to get crafty with your kids, or just encourage them to have some creative time on their own, The Fox Box is for you.

The Fox Box is a small creative arts business, based in Melbourne, Australia, run by artist and mum, Helen Collins. She is passionate about using her experience as a primary school and special needs teacher to help kids and families enjoy creative time! Through a range of crafting adventures The Fox Box encourages every child to explore their imagination, learn a wide variety of craft skill and have fun creating high quality, stunning art works! The Fox Box offers art lessons, subscription packs and masterclasses to kids of all ages. Helen is passionate about creating a space were kids can enjoy art, believe in themselves and create their very own masterpieces! 

Supporting Kid creativity!

Supporting small Business in Australia! 

If you're a small business that has something we can incorporate into our craft boxes as an 'inspiration piece' we would love to hear from you!

Supporting Suluhisho Children's Village Kenya!




We provide a delivery of quality, fun art products for your child, encouraging them to be creative, have fun and enjoy making art! There are no specific, sept-by-step instructions with our kits we send out, as we want to allow every child to explore, experiment and create their own style. We like to source our creative treasures from little local businesses as well as random quirky products we discover in our art explorations around the world. 


Our weekly art lessons and holiday classes are run in Mentone/Parkdale for Primary school aged students. Unique masterclasses and workshops for all ages can be booked privately through our website.  Monthly craft session for toddlers and parents will be starting soon. Sign up to our email list for more details.


The Fox Box aims to:

Encourage your child’s creativity!

Provide the opportunity to learn new skills. 

Create stunning sophisticated art...and have a lot of fun doing it!

Build self confidence and help create moments of mindfulness 

Capture those creative moment in gorgeous, fun, photographs. 

Support local artist and small business in Australia 

Assist the Suluhisho community in Kenya in their learning to support themselves. 


There is also the opportunity to share your child's beautiful art work. Join us at THE FOX BOX Facebook page, follows on Instagram @mr_fox_box, or simply email pictures to us at mywork@fox-box.com.au Remember when you share your photos to hashtag #mrfoxbox or #foxboxadventures so others can see your child’s amazing work!