The Artist

This is Helen Collins the artist, the teacher, the creative mind, the face behind the camera at THE FOX BOX: 

"Hi, I am a strong believer that every child has the ability to create! Providing opportunities to encourage people to explore their artistic styles, make a mess, design a masterpiece, discover a way to relax or just have fun being crafty, is very important to me. Capturing those precious moments in the artistic process in stunning short films and beautiful natural photos that can be shared with family & friends is something I am also very passionate about. 

Originally a 'farm girl' from Northern Victoria, I have lived in Melbourne now for over 10 years and absolutely LOVE life by the bay.  Waves, sunshine and beautiful open spaces will always put a smile on my face. 

I've been a Primary School teacher for over 10 years and have enjoyed working with many wonderful children and their families during this time. Undertaking extra training and working with special needs students who relied strongly on 'visual learning', allowed me to further develop my passion in art. I illustrated short stories and created teaching and learning resources that assisted these student's social and emotional development. 

I love to paint and draw! When I don't have a paint brush or pencil in my hands I usually will have a camera.

I work mainly with acrylics designing abstract pieces. I also enjoy sketching and drawing, and love trying my hand at anything new.

A proud moment in my art teaching was the student's of THE FOX BOX public exhibition that took place at the 3G Art Space Kingston, in 2015. This display of colourful artwork showed that you did not have to be a highly trained, experienced artist to produce stunning pieces of artwork. The confidence it gave my students seeing themselves as 'really exhibiting artist' made be want to see young children's art more prominent in the community. 


My husband's passion for creating videos is where my inspiration to take photos and make short films began. I'm very grateful he has let me 'play with' all his fun camera equipment so that I have been able to start capturing my own short films.

Our cheeky little son and daughter, who are growing so quickly are one of the main reasons I decided to incorporate photography into my art teaching folio. Being able to keep a record of the milestones, mess and crafty moments as we watch them grow is so important to us, and I though if I could do this for others it would be amazing."


In 2012 I traveld to Africa to assist with the beginnings of a small community for disadvantaged children. This amazing community, aiming to become self-sustainable, is changing the lives of some many children and surrounding families in a way I got to witness first hand. In 2017 The Fox Box is committing to supporting this community in a special way. As a cause close to my heart, I know a lot of small differences made somewhere make a big difference made in the world!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. If you would like to see samples of some of our work you can check out our Facebook pages: 



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